How it is

[ I ] AND or AND or litany of superpositions coronated, cascading, continuous before seamless amaranthine drone of meaning condescends to form. AND AND AND...or a dominion, reflected.

[ II ] The obdurate semiotic procession as ready phenomena, displaced or undefined, presupposing a view of the same.

[ III ] Vista from which comforts of active, engaged, spatially productive environs emerge.

[ IV ] A confidence interval, or many.
— Alan Dunyo Avorgbedor


Device retains for itself an ID. Matter overheard underwritten anywhere. A fulcrum withers. Describe your solfeggio here. 

The pedestrian composed in and of rhythms and patterns, in and between voids. Some breaking, some preparing. All, rendering. Whose difficult but retrievable whole grinding about in a cellar of correspondence? Undecidable topological fellowship swung on its axis. Impleader present to harmonize the new deformation. And here, recent exotifications of a line.