Phenomena. Discourse. Bricolage.

Sela Adjei: From Void to Figure

And at what resolution might one pass from the volumes of affect distributed by the cascade of this enclosure, toward the telescoping operation that so effortlessly bridges the macro and the micro under a calculus of presentation...

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Pirate d'amour

I've released a musical project entitled Pirate d'amour which bares sinister resemblance — by way of spirited metaphor and concentrated abstraction — to the Symbolism just beneath the Orientalist gloss of F. A. Bridgman's Le pirate d'amour (1889) triptych.

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Kengo Kuma: Water / Glass

Environs are old, temporal stock anchoring their reception in our being like ancestors. Distant, vague, felt. Kuma’s architecture, or lack thereof, is gestural in this regard, formalized by an aesthetic toward reunion, mimicry, and dissolution in order to render live a new being out of the asymmetrical encounter between visitor and environment...

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Rotten Rotonda

Villa Rotonda. Palladio in the country again. Let's say 1566¹. Obdurate expression of figural object situated in Arcadia, un-adumbrated. Vicenza. Figural clarity ascribed, reinforced by site where it individuates. That immediacy, resting on a low hilltop...

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Turds on the Countryside Wax Ghoulish from the Past

But still more curious was a home's interior and the metonymic resonance of the Victorian 'parlor' as tenor for 'old creepy house', 'the dead', or even 'psychological interiority'. Tellingly, the basic Victorian parlor functioned like the inside of some senescent Matriarch's (or Patriarch's) head...

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