Alan Avorgbedor (DUNYO) works with phenomena, wrestles with it — tries to work it out. As such, his interests oscillate toward the dative, objective, and/or oblique dynamics of edge — the smear of the undecidable that might otherwise classify being(s) into magnitudes, if not nuggets, of knowable isolates — data. The attitude is of no importance. Displacement and articulation of the formeredgecan satisfy a wealth of curiosity. For instance.

AND or AND or a litany of superpositions coronated, cascading, continuos before seamless amaranthine drone of meaning condescends to form. AND AND AND...or a dominion, reflected.

The obdurate semiotic procession as emergent phenomena, displaced or undefined, presupposing a view of the same.

A correlative vista from which the comforts of active, engaged, spatially productive environs emerge.


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